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Wendy's Party Plan is the fourteenth and finale episode of the tenth season.


Wendy organises a surprise party for Bob, but she is left worrying about the preparations when he puts her in charge of building a new dome at the same time.


United Kingdom & Australia

North America


  • Sunflower Valley
    • The Machine's Sunflower Valley Shelter (Original Version)
    • Bob's Mobile Home
    • Wendy's Mobile Home
    • The Sunflower Dome (debut)
  • Bobsville (mentioned)


In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Croatian Wendyn plan za proslavu Wendy's Plan to Celebrate
Hungarian Wendy vendégséget szervez Wendy's Guests Organize Opportunities
Italian Il progetto di Wendy Wendy's Draft
Polish Marta urządza Przyjęcie Wendy Arranges Adoption
Russian План вечеринки Венди Wendy's Party Plan
Korean 웬디의 깜짝 파티 Wendy's Surprise Party
German Wendy und die Party Wendy and the Party
Finnish Annin Jymy-ylätys Wendy's Party