Wendy's Birthday Surprise is the fifteenth episode of Bob the Builder: Ready, Steady, Build!.


Getting ready for Wendy's surprise birthday party proves to be a challenge, especially when Scoop tries to do anything himself. When Wendy's birthday present falls into the well the team are working on, Scoop realises he needs help from his friends to complete the job and get the party ready on time.



  • This is third time Wendy had a birthday.
  • Bob and Wendy share a hug for the seventh and final time.
  • This episode was paired with Pineapple Scratch when it first premiered in the US.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Czech Dárek k narozeninám Birthday Gift
Hungarian Wendy szülinapi meglepetése Wendy's Birthday Surprise
Hebrew הפתעת יומהולדת לוונדי A Birthday Surprise For Wendy
Finnish Annin Syntymäpäivä Wendy's Birthday