Wendy's Big Match/Wendy's Big Game
Series 02, Episode 07
Air Date July 15th, 1999 (UK)
Previous Lofty To The Rescue
Next Tea Set Travis

Wendy's Big Match, also known as Wendy's Big Game for American audiences, is the seventh episode of the second season.


Bob is preparing for a "Brightest Builiding Yard" competition. But when Spud kicks a ball at Wendy, the line-marking machine makes a mess, forcing him/her to clean it up.



  • Bob gets dirty for the first time.
  • This Is The First Episode To Have Wendy Wear Builder Clothes, Yellow Boots, Tool Belt With A Red Screwdriver And A Blue Hard Hat.
  • This Is The First Episode To Have Wendy Work As A Full Time Builder


  • Dizzy: The yard looks really clean, Bob. But, you're all dirty.
  • Wendy: (Chuckles) You're right there, Dizzy. (Wendy takes out her hanky and starts to clean Bob's face)
  • Wendy: (To Bob) Lucky for you, Bob, it wasn't a Brightest Builder contest!

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Polish Konkurs na Najlepszą Firmę Budowlaną The Competition for the Best Construction Company
Hungarian A nagy verseny The Great Race
Russian Венди забивает гол Wendy Scores
Japanese ボブとウェンディのいそがしいいちにち Bob and Wendy's Busy Day
German Wendy baut einen Fussballplatz Wendy is Building a Football Pitch
Dutch Wendy's wedstrijd Wendy's Contest
Spanish El Gran Juego de Wendy Wendy's Great Game
Portuguese O Grande Jogo de Wendy Wendy's Great Game

Watch Episode

Wendy's Big Match (UK)10:12

Wendy's Big Match (UK)

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