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Wendy's Big Match, also known as Wendy's Big Game for American audiences, is the seventh episode of the second season.


Bob is preparing for a "Brightest Builiding Yard" competition. But when Spud kicks a ball at Wendy, the line-marking machine makes a mess, forcing them to clean it up.


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  • Bob gets dirty for the first time.
  • This is the first episode to feature Wendy working as a full time builder and wearing a full building outfit.
  • This episode was paired with Wendy's Tennis Court (Season 2) when it first premiered in the US.


  • Dizzy: The yard looks really clean, Bob. But, you're all dirty.
  • Wendy: (Chuckles) You're right there, Dizzy. (Wendy takes out her hanky and starts to clean Bob's face)
  • Wendy: (To Bob) Lucky for you, Bob, it wasn't a Brightest Builder contest!

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Polish Konkurs na Najlepszą Firmę Budowlaną The Competition for the Best Construction Company
Hungarian A nagy verseny The Great Competition
Russian Венди забивает гол Wendy Scores a Goal
Japanese ボブとウェンディのいそがしいいちにち Bob and Wendy's Busy Day
German Wendy baut einen Fussballplatz Wendy Builds a Football Field
Dutch Wendy's wedstrijd Wendy's Contest
Spanish El Gran Juego de Wendy Wendy's Great Game
Portuguese O Grande Jogo de Wendy Wendy's Great Game
Finnish Menestyksekäs Iltapäivä Successful Afternoon