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Watercolour Wendy, (also known as Watercolor Wendy for American audiences), is the thirteenth and finale episode of the fourth season.


Wendy is on her day off doing some watercolor painting, but Scruffty buries her phone.



  • This was the last episode to premiere in 2000 along with being the last episode to premiere in the 20th century for the UK.
  • This episode was paired with "Bob on the Run" (Season 4) when it premiered on the Nick Jr. block.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Russian Венди и акварель Wendy and Watercolor
Polish Akwarele Marty Wendy's Watercolors
Japanese ウェンディのスケッチ Wendy's Sketch
German Wendy malt ein Bild Wendy Paints a Picture

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