Random trucks

Dizzy like machine (in front) Muck like machine (in the back) Sumsy like machine (behind the dizzy like one) Dodger like one (behind the dizzy like one)

Several unknown machines appeared in Race to the Finish, deleted scenes from Snowed Under and When Bob Became A Builder. These machines resemble modified/repainted versions of the other characters (such as Scoop, Dizzy, Lofty, Muck, Dodger, Benny and Sumsy). The Scoop-like ones are the most common. When Grabber was going to win the race, the Dizzy-like machine sadly watched Grabber leave. They were in the relay race, and are usually seen participating in games or races. Lofty appears to be somewhat afraid of the Benny-like machine, due to the look on his face when it was starting its engine.

Machines repainted

  • Scoop (green, red, blue, yellow with reused mouth plates from Scrambler and Roley): Seen in Snowed Under (deleted scene/green, red with mustache, blue), When Bob Became A Builder (several yellow versions with Scrambler/Roley's face plates), and Race to the Finish (yellow with mustache).
  • Dizzy (with yellow stripes and Trix/Sumsy's faceplates/red stripes and Scrambler's faceplates): Only seen in Race to the Finish.
  • Muck (with yellow stripes and Tumbler's faceplates repainted black): Only seen in Race to the Finish.
  • Lofty (with Muck's face plates and red stripes): Only seen in Race to the Finish.
  • Dodger (with Scoop's face plates and red stripes/mustache and yellow stripes): Only seen in Race to the Finish.
  • Benny (with Sumsy's face plates, yellow stripes): Only seen in Race to the Finish.
  • Sumsy (with Scrambler's face plates): Only seen in Race to the Finish.


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