Trix And The Otters
Series 07, Episode 03
Air Date February 4th, 2002 (UK)
Previous Spud The Pilot
Next Speedy Skip

Trix And The Otters is the third episode of the seventh season.


Molly sees a family of otters. Trix decides to watch them also, but then they see a big shiny machine. Muck devises a good way to watch them.

Episode Information



  • Bobsville
    • Bob's Yard
    • J.J.'s Yard
  • The Countryside
  • Farmer Pickles' Farm


  • First episode to feature otters.
  • In one of the DVD releases the word otters is accidentally printed as Others.
  • This is the last episode to be shown on CBBC until Scratch's Hidden Treasures.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Polish Wózek i Wydry Trolley and the Otters
Russian Трикс и выдры Trix and the Otters
Dutch Trix en de otters Trix and the Otters
German Kessi und die Otter Trix and the Otter
Czech Tom a vydry Trix and the Otters

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