Tom and Pogo




Scoot, Pogo, Wendy, Pilchard


Bob (Brother)

Dot (Mother)

Robert (Father)

Dorothy (Aunt)







A Christmas to Remember

Final appearence

Bob's Big Plan (mentioned and in film)

Thomas "Tom" is Bob's fraternal twin brother and zoologist.


Due to the fact he's Bob's twin brother, he has the similar appearence as Bob. This lead to Dizzy saying that Tom looks "just like Bob" shortly after meeting him. Unlike Bob he lives in a colder climate, which is why he wears a heavy jacket, pants, and sweater.

When he wore his brother's Santa suit, everyone mistook him for Bob until the real Bob came over and Tom himself revealed his true identity.Toms last apperance is in Bobs Big Plan (which is metioned in a film).


He lives in the Arctic Circle. Tom is really caring to Scoot, Pogo, and animals. His job is rescue animals but Scoot is usually the first to notice that the animal in danger.  It is shown that Bob loves Tom very much and cares deeply about him when he got really excited about Tom coming home. It's very difficult for Tom to get home. When he tried getting back to Bobsville, he tried going by boat; his travel plans didn't go as planned and misses the only available boat. There wasn't another for at least a month. To Tom's surprise, Wendy and Lennie Lazenby fly a private jet up north to Tom's house and bring him home.


  • A character later on has the same appearence Tom and may be inspired by him.
  • Tom is the first character to live somewhere cold the second is Jana.

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