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The Knights of Can-A-Lot, (also known as The Knights of Fix-A-Lot for American audiences), is the second Bob the Builder special.


Bob's father Robert makes a surprise to welcome Bob, Wendy and the gang to help Dr. Mountfinchett repair a castle when Robert pretends to be Bob the Builder and take all the glory. Will the castle be finish and will Bob and his Dad get along?


Characters Introduced



  • Spud: Books, books and more books. No sign of any armor.
  • Librarian: Excuse me...
  • Spud: AAAAAGGGHHH!!!
  • Readers: SSSSSHHHHHH!!
  • Librarian: Sorry! So sorry! Didn't mean to startle you. But can I help? (Jingles her earring) Are you looking for something in particular?
  • Spud: Uh. I'm looking for armor. Knights of old and stuff.
  • Librarian: Oh, yes. Of course. Most interesting subject. But do you think-- Well, it's a rule in the library to keep, you know, quiet.
  • Spud: (In usual loud voice) Quiet?! Why's that?!
  • Readers: SSSHHHH!! SSSSSHHHH!!
  • Librarian: Sorry! So sorry! Because there are people trying to read.
  • Spud: Well, then they've come to the right place. You can't move for books. Books, books, books, books... AND MORE BOOKS!!!!!!!
  • Reader: SSSHH!!
  • Librarian: SSSSHHHH!!
  • Spud: Oh!
  • Librarian: SSSHHH!!
  • Spud: (Quietly) Heh, heh.

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