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The Knights of Can-A-Lot, (also known as The Knights of Fix-A-Lot for American audiences), is the second Bob the Builder special.


Bob's father Robert makes a surprise to welcome Bob, Wendy and the gang to help Dr. Mountfinchett repair a castle when Robert pretends to be Bob the Builder and take all the glory. Will the castle be finish and will Bob and his Dad get along?


Characters Introduced


  • The words "Ye Ende" appear, kind of like a language of "The End".
  • Bob asks Robert to stop calling him "Bobby" because it bothered him. But in Robert and Dot's later appearances, Robert continues to call his son "Bobby", and that doesn't bother him at all.
  • This special marks the first of a few things:
    • First appearance of The Librarian.
    • First appearance of Dr. Florence Mountfitchet.
    • First appearance of Bob's parents, Robert and Dot.
    • First time children appear in the series.
  • This special takes place between the eighth and ninth seasons.
  • Travis does not appear in the special.
  • When the machines get their knight names, In the UK version where Muck is male, he gets called Sir Dump a Lot while in the US version where Muck is female, she gets called Lady Dump a Lot.
  • Farmer Pickles makes a cameo appearance in this episode.
  • This is the only time Bob's parents make an appearance in the Original Series.
  • This Special features Bob, Spud And Robert as the main characters
  • Bob Marley The Song Called Could You Be Love
  • Outfits Worn By everyone In the end


  • Spud: Books, books and more books. No sign of any armor.
  • Librarian: Excuse me...
  • Spud: AAAAAGGGHHH!!!
  • Readers: SSSSSHHHHHH!!
  • Librarian: Sorry! So sorry! Didn't mean to startle you. But can I help? (Jingles her earring) Are you looking for something in particular?
  • Spud: Uh. I'm looking for armor. Knights of old and stuff.
  • Librarian: Oh, yes. Of course. Most interesting subject. But do you think-- Well, it's a rule in the library to keep, you know, quiet.
  • Spud: (In usual loud voice) Quiet?! Why's that?!
  • Readers: SSSHHHH!! SSSSSHHHH!!
  • Librarian: Sorry! So sorry! Because there are people trying to read.
  • Spud: Well, then they've come to the right place. You can't move for books. Books, books, books, books... AND MORE BOOKS!!!!!!!
  • Reader: SSSHH!!
  • Librarian: SSSSHHHH!!
  • Spud: Oh!
  • Librarian: SSSHHH!!
  • Spud: (Quietly) Heh, heh.

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