Bob the Builder- The Album


The Album is the first and original music album based on the television series. The album includes 12 songs performed by the voice cast of the Original Series, and was released in 2001. It includes a mix of both original songs and versions of songs by other artists with new, specialized lyrics. The album was produced by theme song writer Paul K. Joyce.

It features the two UK number one singles "Can We Fix It?" and "Mambo No. 5".


  1. "Can We Fix It?"
  2. "Mambo No.5"
  3. "Bob's Line Dance"
  4. "Right Tool for the Job"
  5. "Let's Get Busy"
  6. "What Can I Be? (Spud's Song)"
  7. "Blonde Haired Gal in a Hard Hat (Wendy's Song)"
  8. "Dizzy!"
  9. "Super Spud (Spud's Dub)"
  10. "No One Can Dig It Like We Do"
  11. "No Prob Bob!"
  12. "Crocodile Rock" - Bob the Builder & Elton John

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