Sunflower Valley

Sunflower Valley is the main setting of Project: Build It, and was first seen in the episode Bob's Big Plan. This is where Bob and his brother Tom used to camp there when they were younger. A competition was held to design a new town in the valley, which Bob won. Shortly after, he and the team moved from Bobsville to Sunflower Valley to begin building the new town. They stayed here until the beginning of Ready, Steady, Build!, though Sunflower Valley was sometimes seen.


  1. Bob
  2. Wendy
  3. Scoop
  4. Muck
  5. Roley
  6. Lofty
  7. Dizzy
  8. Scrambler
  9. Meg
  10. Farmer Pickles
  11. Travis
  12. Dodger
  13. Packer
  14. Sumsy
  15. Piper
  16. Tumbler
  17. Flex
  18. Mr. Bently
  19. Mrs. Bently
  20. Benny
  21. Dodger
  22. Marjorie
  23. Mr. Salbintini
  24. Mrs. Salbintini
  25. Sunny
  26. Saffron

Characters that didn't moved into Sunflower Valley

  1. Mrs. Potts
  2. Mrs. Broadbent
  3. Mrs. Percival
  4. Fin
  5. Mr. Fothergill
  6. Mr. Dixon
  7. Squawk
  8. Lennie Lazenby
  9. Mr. Ellis
  10. Jenny
  11. Hamish
  12. Bunty Ferguson
  13. J.J.
  14. Molly
  15. Skip
  16. Trix
  17. David Dixon
  18. Mr. Steven
  19. Pam Goody
  20. Humpty
  21. Robert
  22. Dorothy
  23. Florence Mountfitchet

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