Sunflower Park is a building game, formerly seen on the CBeebies website. It is based from Project Build It.

How To Play

Click the "Build" button to build your own Sunflower Park. There are options below: 1 is to build a new playground and the other is to continue your last build. There is a "How to play" button at the bottom. To get started building your new playground/continuing your last build, there are a selection of 2 players to help build the park with you: either Bob or Wendy. The intro of the game shows Sunflower Valley in a right mess. Muck will commentate as you build. To clear the mess, click on any picture of objects to load into Muck's trailer. There are 12 items to load. If you click the bottle, Muck will tell you that glass is to sharp for your park. Click the "RECYCLE" button to take it to the bottle bank.

When you finish loading Muck, he'll be on his way to your park. Click the arrows to look around and explore your own park. There are 5 things to build: a swing, a see-saw,  a climbing frame, a tree house and a pond. Use the arrows to look inside Muck's trailer with all the items that belong in the right area. Some objects you can paint, some objects you can't. Colours available are: red, blue, turquoise, green, yellow & pink. At the see-saw, you will see that one of the handles have came loose on the plank. Click the hammer to fix the handle in it's right place. Click the paintbrush to paint your object. The tall logs and logs, will make Muck think if it could be too long. If it is, click the saw to cut it by clicking the dotted line. Then, you can paint it. During all builds, place all of the items in their right spots. At the end, Muck and his gang celebrate a good job done and a busy day they had. The machines say "good night" and fall asleep.

Click the sunflower at the bottom of the page to go back to the homepage. Click the Spud button to play games and have fun with him. When you're at the game, click the Spud button to go back and choose a different game. If you're done playing with Spud, click the sunflower button.

Things to add







Climbing frame

Tall log (2x)



Tree house

Some wood (bottom)

Log (2x)

Some wood (back)

Corrugated roof


Plastic sheet


  • Bob
  • Wendy
  • Scoop
  • Muck
  • Roley
  • Lofty
  • Pilchard
  • Bird
  • Spud
  • Scruffty
  • Dizzy (does not speak)


  • Muck refers his dumper as his trailer.

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