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"I can pack em, I can stack em!"
— Sumsy's Catchphrase

Sumsy is a maroon, yellow striped forklift that greatly resembles Trix, explaining the latter's absence in Project: Build It. Sumsy is owned by Farmer Pickles.


Sumsy is very friendly and is quite energetic as Scrambler and Benny and often gets her work wrong. She is not that calm inside but worries when something goes wrong. She often makes some mistakes. She takes her work like fun.


Sumsy is a maroon/dark red forklift with a black cab, yellow stripes and a yellow siren.



  • Sumsy's model was recycled from Trix, explaining her absents in later seasons.
  • She was a Project: Build It only character.
  • In Project: Build It, Sumsy was voiced by Kate Harbour in the UK version and Lorelei King in the US version, who also voices Wendy in their respective dubs.
  • In the episode Mr Bentley's Assistant, Sumsy seems to be good in math since she answers Spud quickly when he asks her how many bales of straw are left.

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