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Spud the Spanner (re-titled Spud the Super-Wrench in American releases) is the first episode of the second season.


Bob and his team prepare to fix the window panes on the cottage and the roof on the old barn. Bob takes his toolbox and places it in Scoop's front bucket.

Spud tells Travis that he is bored of being a scarecrow. He tries to show Travis that he can do anything different, but nearly gets run over by Scoop. Bob scolds him for playing on the road and tells Travis that he is unable to fix the window panes until tomorrow. After the team left, Spud finds Bob's toolbox which had fallen out of Scoop's bucket and takes it. He tries to persuade Travis to be his machine, but Travis leaves for Farmer Pickles' Field. When Bob and his team arrive, they can't find the toolbox and send Lofty to look for it. Lofty then finds Spud who persuades him to help him rather than returning Bob's toolbox.

Muck is sent with Bob's spare toolbox and sees Spud with Lofty and Bob's toolbox. Muck tells Bob about Spud using his toolbox and Bob goes off to stop Spud and prevent him from hurting himself. True to his word, Spud accidentally catches his finger whilst building the window panes crooked. Bob then finds the crooked windows and starts to realign them.

Meanwhile, Spud is fixing the roof on the old barn, but when he forgets his hammer, he accidentally flies with a sheet of corrugated metal tied to his back. Spud then flies over the old cottage and lands on the chimney. Bob then tells Spud that he will only let him down if he promises never to use Bob's tools again. When Lofty arrives with Bob's toolbox, Bob tells Lofty to bring Spud down. Spud then goes back to be a scarecrow, which he thinks is safer.


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  • The animation props look slightly different along with the animation quality improving starting with this episode tell up to the fourth season where the quality of the show will remain the same until the tenth season where the quality of the series starts dramatically changing.
  • This episode was paired with Trailer Travis (Season 3) when it first premiered in the US.
  • This episode was the first time Spud had a ride on Lofty.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Polish Strach na Wróble – Złota Rączka Scarecrow - Handyman
Hungarian Piff az ezermester Spud the Handyman
Russian Спод-Гаечный ключ With Spud's Wrench
Hebrew ספאד הבנאי Spud the Builder
Japanese スパッド そらをとぶ! Spud lights up the sky!
German Knolle, der Supertolle Spud the Super Wrench
Dutch Spud de sleutelaar Spud the Mechanic
Portuguese Pintas a Chave de Porcas Spud the Wrench
Finnish Putte Puuhamies Spud The Spanner