Spud And The Doves
Series 08, Episode 09
Air Date November 12th, 2002 (UK)
Previous Molly's Fashion Show
Next First Aid Molly

Spud And The Doves is the ninth episode of the eighth season.


Spud gets some trouble with doves.



  • First appearance of Katie.
  • First appearence of Mr. Ellis' house.
  • First appearence of Mr. Ellis' doves Freada and Bertie.
  • One of the doves has the same name as Bertie from Thomas the Tank Engine which is also a Hit Entertainment show.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Czech Hugo a holoubci Spud and Pigeons
Polish Strach i gołębie Spud and Pigeons
Russian Спад и голуби Spud and Doves
Dutch Spud en de duifjes Spud and the Doves
German Knolle und die Tauben Spud and the Pigeons

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