Spud And Squawk
Series 03, Episode 11
Air Date March 17th, 2000 (UK)
Previous Dizzy's Crazy Paving
Next Muck's Sleep-Over

Spud And Squawk is the eleventh episode of the third season.


Bob, Wendy, and the machines are building a new car park. Spud is trying to shake off a persistent crow that is following him everywhere. He tries using Travis to blow it off, but while swerving to avoid Muck, he spills his load. Spud cleans it up. Meanwhile, Bob and his team finish the car park. When Mr. Bentley comes to inspect he is pleased but the crow makes footprints all over the lovely new car park. Bob decides to call the car park, Crows-foot car park. So Mr. Bentley congratulates everyone and Crows-foot car park it is.



  • First appearance of Squawk, although his name is not mentioned yet.
  • First time a machine uses their horn.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Polish Strach i wrona Spud and Crow
Russian Спад и ворона Spud and the Crow
Japanese スパッドとカラス Spud and Crow
German Knolle und die Krähe Spud and the Crow
Czech Hugo a vrána Spud and Crow
Portuguese O Pintas e o Corvo Spud and the Crow

Watch Episode

Bob The Builder Season 3 Episode 1110:05

Bob The Builder Season 3 Episode 11

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