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Spud's Bumper Harvest is the eighth episode of the eleventh season.


Farmer Pickles asks Bob to help with his Sunflower Harvest, and needs a silo built to store the ripe sunflowers. Spud starts harvesting the sunflowers. Discovering that the silo isn’t ready yet he stores the sunflowers in Bob’s mobile home. But the crows are flying into the mobile home and Squawk flies off with the key! Spud is very sorry when Bob and Farmer Pickles arrive and see the chaos…





In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Hungarian Piff rekordtermése Spud's Record Harvest
Italian La mietitura di Spud Spud's Harvest
Polish Żniwa Stracha Harvest Fear
Russian Невиданный урожай Спада The Unprecedented Harvest of Recession


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