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Spud's Big Splash is the eleventh episode of the sixth season.


Thanks to Muck not paying enough attention and Spud's mischief, there's been a mix-up. Scoop knocks down an old rock wall and leaves it for Muck to take to the dump. Meanwhile, Bob is to install a duck fountain in Mrs. Potts' yard but forgets the colored rocks in the yard. Because Muck doesn't let Bob let her that, she ends up taking the rocks in the yard to the dump. Along the way, Spud stops Muck and suggests they have a game of "Who Can Make the Biggest Splash" by throwing the rocks into the pond. When Scoop is sent to try and stop Muck and learns what happened, they decide to use the rocks from the rock wall for Mrs. Potts' fountain.


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United Kingdom & Australia

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  • Bobsville
  • Bob's Yard (Bobsville)
  • Farmer Pickles' Farm
  • Mrs. Potts' Home
  • The Countryside
  • The Duck Pond


In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Polish Wielki plusk Stracha A Big Splash for Spud
Russian Спад и большой плюх Spud and the Big Splash
Dutch Spud’s reuzenplons Spud's Giant Splash
German Knolles Super-Platscher Spud's Super-Splash
Czech Hugovo velké šplouchnutí Spud's Big Splash