• Gender: Male
  • Species: Scarecrow
  • Application: Scaring Crows
  • Voiced By:

Spud is a mischievous scarecrow on Farmer Pickles' farm and tries to help Bob and the crew. Often he causes more problems than he solves, but usually everything works out in the end. It is Spud who needs to learn to be patient, not to eat all of the food, not to take things from other characters, etc. Spud has a habit of trying to do work and, with his limited intelligence, getting it wrong and spoiling materials. Squawk is his rival.


Spud is a living (presumably mutated) scarecrow that wears a lavender shirt with a red and green scarf, blue jeans, a brown belt, and he has a sharp cone-shaped replaceable parsnip nose.

The Knights of Fix-A-Lot

In this special, Spud went to the library as Bob's father,Robert, told him to. The librarian startled Spud which made Spud scream and the readers shushed. The librarian apologized to Spud for startling him and asks if she can help and Spud is looking for something in particular. Spud said that he is looking for armor, knights of old and stuff. The librarian was pleased and tells Spud that there is a rule in the library to keep, he knows, quiet. Spud yelled; "Quiet?! Why's that?!" and the readers shushed again. The librarian tells Spud is because there are people here trying to read. Spud knows that they have come to the right place and said that they can't move for books and yelled while the readers are shushing; "Books, books, books, books... AND MORE BOOKS!!!!". The reader with the yellow hair shushed. The librarian shushed.


Original Series:



  • In the Original Series, Spud did not like getting wet.
  • In "Bob's Boots" (Season 3), it was revealed that Spud does not like cheese and chutney in the United Kingdom dub. This was changed to peanut butter and jelly in the United States dub.
  • Until "Scoop Has Some Fun" (Season 3), Lofty was afraid of him.
  • Spud appeared only a few times in the first season of Ready, Steady, Build!, but appears in every episode from the two mini series.
  • As for now, Spud is one of the few long time characters who never received a redesigned counterpart for the 2015 reboot along with Bird, Travis and Scruffty.
  • In the Original Series between Seasons 1-9, he spoke with an American accent in the US dub.
  • In the Finnish version, Spud is called "Putte".
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