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Special Delivery Spud is the sixth episode of the third season.


While building a fence for Mrs. Potts, Wendy is trying hard to cut another plank of wood. Bob says he's ready for another plank, but Wendy says it is not ready yet, stating that this saw is so old and blunt that it takes ages to cut through the wood. Bob says he should've sharpened it ages ago, but Wendy says it won't help, stating that the teeth are too worn down and really needs another one, and promised Mrs. Potts to have her fence finished today. Bob then tells Wendy he'll have a turn with the saw while she hammers the planks in. Bob attempts to cut the wood but to no avail, stating Wendy was right that the saw really is blunt.

Sometime later, Scoop arrives to pick Bob and Wendy up. Wendy says to Scoop that is it time to go home. Bob says it is, stating that the fence is only half finished. Bob then says to Mrs. Potts that he'll promise to have the fence finished tomorrow, and the three set off.


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  • Mr. Dixon's delivery van never made an on-screen appearance.
  • The place Wendy calls is Tools For You.
  • Spud sends parcels to wrong people.
  • It is revealed that Spud never learned to read.
  • This episode was paired with Sneezing Scoop (Season 4) when it first premiered in the US.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Polish Specjalny dostawca Strach Special Supplier Fear
Russian Специальная доставка Спада Spud's Special Delivery
Japanese スパッドのゆうびんはいたつ Spud's Mail Delivery
German Knolle will helfen Spud Wants to Help
Czech Hugo doručovatel Spud the Deliveryman
Portuguese Pintas o Estafeta Spud the Courier