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Sneezing Scoop is the third episode of the fourth season.


While some tires are being dropped off for Farmer Pickles, Scoop starts sneezing, which prompts Bob he has hay fever. He sends Scoop back to the yard, but he still sneezes. Bob lets Spud figure out what is causing Scoop to sneeze.


Voice Cast

UK and AU

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  • This is the only episode when Spud said "Spud's not on the job".
  • It's revealed that Scoop is allergic to hay, grass, and flowers.
  • This episode was paired with Special Delivery Spud (Season 3) when it first premiered in the US.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Los Estornudos de Scoop Sneezing Scoop
Polish Koparka ma katar Excavator Has a Runny Nose
Russian Чихающий Скуп Sneezing Scoop
Japanese スクープのかふんしょう Let the Book Burning Whether Scoop
German Gesundheit! Baggi Health! Scoop
Romanian Scoop stranuta Scoop Sneezes
Finnish Nuhainen Kaivuri Sneezing Scoop