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Skateboard Spud is the fifth episode of the fifth season.


Using an old ironing board and old pram wheels, Spud makes a skateboard and rides it all over town. Bob has just put up some traffic calming measures. When Spud comes across Bob, Dizzy, Roley and Scoop after they finish their job, he crashes into the dumpster. His skateboard was finally lost and broken.


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United Kingdom & Australia

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  • Bobsville
  • Bob's Yard (Bobsville)
  • Farmer Pickles' Farm
  • The Countryside
  • The Dump


  • This was the first episode to feature skateboards.
  • First episode in the fifth season where Muck is absent.
  • This episode was paired with Clumsy Roley (Season 5) when it first premiered in the US.


  • Spud: (sees the top of the hill) Oh no!
  • Travis: Spud!
  • Spud: (skateboards down towards town, screaming with fright)
  • Travis: Wait, Spud! You're going to fast! Ohh! (races off after him)
  • Bob: Good, but you know you shouldn't have been playing in the road, Spud. It's not allowed. It's dangerous.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Polish Strach ma deskorolkę Spud Has a Skateboard
Russian Спад-скейтбордист Spud-Skateboarder
Dutch Spud gaat skateboarden Spud Goes Skateboarding
German Skateboard-Knolle Skateboard-Spud
Romanian Spud pe skateboard Spud on Skateboard
Czech Hugo a skateboard Spud and Skateboard
Finnish Maailman Nopein Pelätin The World's Fastest Scarecrow