The ninth season premiered in the UK between February 4 to May 9, 2003 on BBC. In the US, the ninth season premiered between February 12 to March 26, 2005 on PBS and was also later re-shown on PBS Kids Sprout.


UK title (top)
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Written by
Original air date
"Bob the Farmer"
Andrew Brenner
February 4, 2003
Bob volunteers to look after the farm while Farmer Pickles takes Humpty to a pig show but he soon has his hands full when all the animals escape.

"Mr. Bentley's Winter Fair"
Peter Reeves
February 9, 2003
Mr. Bentley is put in charge of the winter fair but everything gets into chaos when Humpty escapes his pen.

"Lofty the Artist"
James Henry
February 16, 2003
Wendy decorates the library, and Lofty is so impressed that he decides to paint a picture as well, but he soon finds that being an artist is harder than it looks.

"Spud's Statue"
"Spud and the Statue"
Jimmy Hibbert
February 23, 2003
Spud breaks Molly's statue, so he tries to make a new one out of Bob's building materials only to leave Bob without the wood to fix the pavilion.

"Pilchard and the Field Mice"
Diane Redmond
March 7, 2003
Pilchard causes havoc on a job to mend a rotten beam in a cottage when she finds some mice living there.

"Trix's Pumpkin Pie"
Diane Redmond
March 14, 2003
Trix tries to help Bob build a climbing frame while she also is looking after Farmer Pickles' giant pumpkin pie but Spud almost gets it.

"Where's Muck?"
Peter Reeves
March 21, 2003
Bob and the team are repairing an eroded river bank in the countryside when Muck tries to bring a lost duck he/she named Quack back to his family.

"Travis' Busy Day"
Glenn Dakin
April 4, 2003
Lofty and Travis pull down a damaged tree, only to find that they have made a family of squirrels homeless! Travis is devastated, but suddenly he has an idea which Bob could use the old tree to build a new home for the squirrels.

"Muck's Surprise"
Marc Seal
April 11, 2003
Bob's gang builds a summer house as an anniversary present for Mrs Bentley, but Muck nearly ruins the surprise.

"Skip's Big Idea"
Carter Crocker
April 18, 2003
Skip wishes he could come up with good ideas, while Bob is renovating the old mill.

"Roley's Important Job"
Karl Geurs
Lisa Melbye
April 25, 2003
Bob and the gang convert a house into a delicatessen, but there's nothing for Roley to do. Fortunately, some birds give him an idea to make him feel useful again.

"Trix and the Bug"
Mark Zaslove
May 2, 2003
Bob builds a cinema, and a fake giant bug is sent to promote a new film. However, Trix causes chaos in the town when she borrows the insect to help Spud scare the birds who thinks it is real.

"Scoop the Disco Digger"
Diane Redmond
May 9, 2003
The team is having a Tropical Beach Party and Dizzy teaches Scoop how to dance.


UK title (top)
US title (bottom)
Written by
Original air date
#3 #4
The Knights of Can-A-Lot, (also known as The Knights of Fix-A-Lot for American audiences) Snowed Under
Snowed Under: The Bobblesberg Winter Games
Jimmy Hibbert Sarah Ball
March 11, 2003 September 28, 2004
Bob's father Robert makes a surprise to welcome Bob, Wendy and the gang to help Dr. Mountfinchett repair a castle when Robert pretends to be Bob the Builder and take all the glory. Will the castle be finish and will Bob and his Dad get along? Bob the Builder and his gang travel to a winter resort and have to help build the venues for the Bobblesberg Winter Games, since the original crew assigned the tasked gets snowed under.

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  • The episodes that were never released on DVD in the UK were: Pilchard and the Field Mice, Trix's Pumpkin Pie, Where's Muck?, Skip's Big Idea and Roley's Important Job. They are consisted to be rare episodes in the United Kingdom as they were shown time by time back in the 2000's but can now be viewed on streaming sites.
  • This season marks the first appearances of Quack/His Family, Sophia Sabitini, Mr. Costello and Benny.
  • This is the last season of several things:


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