The fifth season premiered in the UK between January 6 to March 31, 2001 on BBC. In the US, the fifth season premiered in 2002 (with one episode airing in 2003) on Nick Jr. and was also later re-shown on Noggin, PBS and PBS Kids Sprout.


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"Scruffty's Big Dig"
Diane Redmond
January 6, 2001
Bob, Wendy and the Machines are going to Mrs. Broadbent's House who had a big hole in the wall but, Scruffty gets stuck in the rabbit hole, that Lofty needs your help to get out of the rabbit hole.

"Inspector Spud"
Simon Jowett
January 13, 2001
Mr. Bentley inspects a pipe, he gets soaked. Spud tries to take over, but he has no qualifications.

"Cock-A-Doodle Spud"
Diane Redmond
January 20, 2001
Farmer Pickles' hen has abandoned her eggs, so Bob is building a hen coop. Spud decides to look after the chicks.

"Wendy's Surprise Party"
Ruth Estevez
January 27, 2001
Wendy is inviting the whole town for a barbecue party for her sister, Jenny. But the machines have just laid a garden path and they are too tired to come.

"Skateboard Spud"
Ross Hastings
February 3, 2001
Using an old ironing board, Spud makes a skateboard and rides it all over town. Spud Bob has just put up some traffic calming measures. When Spud comes across Bob, Dizzy, Roley and Scoop, he crashes into the dumpster. His skateboard was finally lost and broken.

"Muck's Monster"
Ben Randall
February 10, 2001
Muck and Dizzy are clearing a blocked drain. Muck gets spooked by gurgling noises and is convinced it is a monster.

"Spud the Dragon"
Ian Carney
February 17, 2001
Mrs. Percival is preparing costumes for the school play. Spud borrows the dragon costume and pretends to be a magic dragon when he sees Muck.

"Pilchard Steals the Show"
Jimmy Hibbert
February 24, 2001
Scoop notices that Farmer Pickles has entered Scruffty into the dog show, which determines him to also enter Pilchard, even though she is a cat.

"Bob's Hide"
James Henry
March 3, 2001
Bob's gang are making a bird hide at the nature reserve and also want to get a glimpse of the rare Grebe Warbler. But Spud appears instead dressed like a bird.

"Bob's Auntie"
Jimmy Hibbert
March 10, 2001
Auntie Dora is coming to visit and she is a stickler for tidiness. Already the yard is in a complete mess and the machines try to clean it up, but they only make it worse.

"Bob and the Big Freeze"
Simon Jowett
March 17, 2001
Scoop and Wendy try to clear the roads, but they bumped into the porcupine crossing. Spud tries to skate on the frozen duck pond, but the ice is not thick enough. Dizzy sends Bob and Lofty out to rescue him.

"Clumsy Roley"
Ian Carney
March 24, 2001
Roley almost crushes Bob's toolbox. This causes anxiety from him to think he is always clumsy. This always makes him more accident-prone.

"Eskimo Bob"
"Bob of the North"
Chris Trengove
March 31, 2001
It is winter in the town. Bob wears a big parka to look like an Alaskan Eskimo. Wendy's sister, Jenny, visits after a ski trip.

Featured Characters

Returning Characters

Characters Introduced

  • Jenny (Wendy's Surprise Party) (In physical appearance)
  • Hamish (Clumsy Roley)


  • This was the first season to feature Jenny in physical appearance as before she was only mentioned.
  • This was the first season to reveal Mr. Fothergill's surname as before he was just known as the computer repair man when he originally appeared in "Bob's Day Off" (Season 3).
  • This season marks the first appearances of Hamish and Jenny.
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