The third season premiered in the UK between December 24, 1999 to April 1, 2000 on BBC. In the US, the third season premiered between January 19 to February 14, 2001 on Nick Jr. and was also later re-shown on Noggin, PBS and PBS Kids Sprout.


UK title (top)
US title (bottom)
Written by
Original air date
"Bob's Boots"
Ben Randall
December 24, 1999
Bob gets some new boots. Spud, meanwhile, challenges Bird to a race and eats right out of Bob's lunchbox.

"Mucky Muck"
Sarah Ball
December 31, 1999
Bob tries to wash down Scoop and Muck who are both covered in mud, but Muck doesn't want to get washed because he (She US Dub) loves being mucky. Travis also gets stuck in the mud and Bob, Muck and Dizzy have to rescue him.

"Bob's Day Off"
Ian Carney
January 5, 2000
Bob takes a day off so he can photograph the rare Blue-Crested Warbler. But when the computer breaks down, Wendy needs him back for some urgent jobs.

"Magnetic Lofty"
Chris Trengove
January 8, 2000
Wendy is turning an old railway line into a bicycle path and Bob is turning an old rubbish dump into a park. But while Lofty is removing the rails using a magnet, he has to retrieve Mr. Bentley's pen in the process.

"Roley's Tortoise"
Diane Redmond
January 15, 2000
While building a bus stop, Roley almost runs over a tortoise, he names Timmy. Dizzy reveals it belongs to Mrs. Potts, but while Bob takes some cabbages from Travis's trailer, Timmy sneaks onboard.

"Special Delivery Spud"
Simon Jowett
January 22, 2000
Bob and Wendy have ordered new saws. However, Mr. Dixon's van breaks down so Spud tries to take over. But Spud can't read and gets all the parcels mixed up, sending them to the wrong houses.

"Pilchard's Breakfast"
Jimmy Hibbert
February 5, 2000
Bob's gang are building Mr. Beasley's new conservatory, but they forgot to feed Pilchard her breakfast, forcing her to fend for herself and find someone to feed her.

"Scoop's In Charge"
Jimmy Hibbert
February 12, 2000
Bob and Wendy are attending lunch at the town hall, so they leave Scoop in charge of building the Mayor's garage.

"Scoop Has Some Fun"
Chris Trengove
March 2, 2000
Spud tries to persuade Scoop to help him play some tricks, but Spud frightens Lofty so much that he falls onto his side. Scoop thinks this was another one of Spud's tricks, but Bob decides to make sure.

"Dizzy's Crazy Paving"
Diane Redmond
March 10, 2000
While the machines are building a new path for Mrs. Potts, she won't let Roley work on it because she thinks he will crush all the flowerbeds. Roley decides to supervise Wendy with the hand-roller.

"Spud and Squawk"
Teddy Kempner and Andy Seacombe
March 17, 2000
Bob, Wendy and the machines are building a new carpark. Spud is trying to shake off a persistent crow that is following him everywhere. He tries using Travis to blow it off, but while swerving to avoid Muck, he spills his load.

"Muck's Sleep-Over"
Ben Randall
March 24, 2000
Bob's gang is working on a tunnel overnight. Muck stays at the farm with Travis, but he gets scared of the dark and the scary noises Spud is making and goes missing. When investigating the sound of an owl, Pilchard also goes missing.

"Trailer Travis"
"Travis' Trailer"
Ben Randall
April 1, 2000
Travis is delivering a load of gravel, while Scoop helps. However, Spud unhooks the trailer to give Travis a rest and it rolls away.

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  • This season will be the first time Bob wears the red screwdriver (Wendy wears the red screwdriver between Seasons 2-16).
  • This season marks the first appearances of Mr. Bernard Bentley, Mr. Fothergill, Tommy, Mr. Dixon and Squawk.
  • This was the first season to feature Wendy wearing her usual green shirt builders outfit full-time.
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