The second season premiered in the UK between June 4 to August 27, 1999 on BBC. In the US, the second season premiered between January 18, 2001 to December 25, 2002 on Nick Jr. and was also later re-shown on Noggin, PBS and PBS Kids Sprout.


UK title (top)
US title (bottom)
Written by
Original air date
"Spud The Spanner"
"Spud the Super Wrench"
Ben Randall
June 4, 1999
Spud is bored of being a scarecrow and he takes Bob's toolbox to try to change himself, unaware that he will come apart.

"Wallpaper Wendy"
Jimmy Hibbert
June 11, 1999
Bob decorates Mr. Broadbent's new flat, but as he has never decorated before, he ends up making a complete mess.

"Runaway Roley"
Jimmy Hibbert
June 18, 1999
Roley loses the brakes in the morning and sleep-rolls out of the yard and causes destruction everywhere. He crashes into the lamps, signs, walls, etc. Bob, Wendy and the machines have to guide Roley back to the yard without waking him up.

"Bob's Big Surprise"
Chris Trengove
June 25, 1999
While Wendy is away, Bob and the gang give her garden a make-over.

"Dizzy's Statues"
Diane Redmond
July 1, 1999
Bob has to put up bollards around the town hall and put up Mrs. Pott's garden statues at the same time. Dizzy tries to help, but gets very mixed up.

"Lofty to the Rescue"
Chris Trengove
July 8, 1999
Lofty is afraid of going over the bridge because of his fear of heights, but when Spud (who Lofty is also afraid of) falls off the bridge and into a tree while he plays with Scoop and Muck, Lofty has to overcome his fears and rescue him.

"Wendy's Big Match"
"Wendy's Big Game"
Simon Jowett
July 15, 1999
Bob is preparing for a "Brightest Building Yard" competition. But when Spud kicks a ball at Wendy, the line-making machine makes a mess, forcing him to clean it up.

"Tea Set Travis"
Ben Randall
July 22, 1999
Bob and the gang are preparing for recycling. Farmer Pickles tells Travis to look after his old tea set, but when Spud and Travis are not around, they forget about the tea set and the gang almost recycles it.

"Dizzy's Birdwatch"
Simon Jowett
July 29, 1999
Dizzy watches a birds nest and sees the hatchlings emerge and learn to fly.

"Clocktower Bob"
Chris Trengove
August 6, 1999
While repairing a clock tower, Lofty tries to lift Bob's toolbox onto the scaffolding but accidentally knocks his ladder over on the ground. By nighttime, Bob tries to have Lofty lift his ladder back up, but Lofty gets frightened by a bat and speeds away from the clock tower in fear, leaving Bob stranded on the scaffolding for almost all night, with his phone not accessible as it is on the ground below.

"Pilchard Goes Fishing"
Jimmy Hibbert
August 13, 1999
Wendy is cleaning Bob's fish tank, but when Muck comes for more cement, he crashes into the lean-to garage. When Wendy gets distracted by another job, Pilchard intends to eat Finn up.

"Wendy's Tennis Court"
"Wendy's Tennis Match"
Diane Redmond
August 20, 1999
While building a new tennis court, Travis and Spud try to put the net up, but Spud finds it too heavy and falls into the wet tar.

"Bob's White Christmas"
Jimmy Hibbert
August 27, 1999
Bob will dress up as Father Christmas/Santa Claus for the local school carol concert, but he loses time when Farmer Pickles gets snowed in.

Featured Characters

Returning Characters

Characters Introduced

  • Mrs. Broadbent (Wallpaper Wendy)
  • Mr. Beasley (Runaway Roley) (mentioned only)
  • Jenny (Bob's Big Surprise) (indirectly mentioned)
  • Fin (Pilchard Goes Fishing)
  • Mrs. Percival (Bob's White Christmas)
  • Santa Claus (Bob's White Christmas) (mentioned only)


  • This season will be the last time Wendy wears her red skirt and green, yellow and white suit jacket.
  • This season marks the first appearances of Mrs. Broadbent, Fin and Mrs. Percival
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