Season 16 is the seventh and final season of the Project: Build It series.


  1. Radio Bob
  2. Tumbler and the Ice Rink
  3. Spud the DJ
  4. Silent Scoop
  5. Scrambler Get's Prepared
  6. Sumsy's Special Building
  7. Lofty's Banana Tree
  8. Roley's Flat Garden
  9. Super Splasher
  10. Breezy Bristle
  11. Splasher's Two Stops
  12. An Inspector Calls


Characters introduced


  • This was the last season to use stop-motion, puppets and models before transitioning to CGI.
  • The last season fillmed in Sunflower Valley.
  • The latest season to feature Benny, Sumsy, and Bristle.
  • The first season to feature Splasher.

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