Scruffty The Detective
Series 04, Episode 12
Air Date November 28th, 2000 (UK)
Previous Forget-Me-Knot Bob
Next Watercolor Wendy

Scruffty The Detective is the twelfth episode of the fourth season.


A time capsule is being built for Mr. Ellis and will be buried outside the museum. However, Spud thinks it is a treasure chest and he empties the contents of it and almost buries it.


Items in the time capsule

  • The newspaper of the day from Mr. Ellis
  • Stamps from Mavis
  • A school cap from Mrs. Percival
  • A matchstick model of the town hall from Mr. Bentley
  • A wellington boot from Farmer Pickles
  • A photograph of the town from Mr. Dixon


  • Mavis from the post office is mentioned again.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Russian Скраффи детектив Scruffty the Detective
Polish Reksio tropiciel Scruffty's Tracker
Japanese たんていスクラフティ! Detective Scan Scruffty!
German Bello der Detektiv Scruffty the Detective

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