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Scruffty's Big Dig is the first and premiere episode of the fifth season.


Bob, Wendy and the Machines are going to Mrs. Broadbent's House who had a big hole in the wall but, Scruffty gets stuck in the rabbit hole. Passing the field, Muck hears a weird howling sound and thinks it's a ghost. Bob shines a torch into the hole and sees Scruffty. Lofty lowers his hook into the hole and Scruffty manages to hold on whilst Lofty hauls him out of the rabbit hole.



  • Rabbits (debut)

Voice Cast

United Kingdom & Australia

North America



  • Bobsville
  • Bob's Yard (Bobsville)
  • Farmer Pickles' Farm
  • The Countryside


  • This was the first episode to feature rabbits.
  • This was the first episode to premier in 2001, along with being the first episode to premier in the 21st century for the UK.
  • This episode was paired with Pilchard Steals the Show (Season 5) when it first premiered in the US.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Polish Reksio i wielka nora Scruffty and a Great Hole
Russian Скраффти попадает в беду Scruffty Gets Into Trouble
Dutch Vlekkie’s diepe kuil Select a Spot the Deep Pit
German Bello, der Buddelkönig Scruffty, the King Muck
Romanian Scruffty cade-n groapa Scruffty's Pit Falls
Czech Azorův velký výkop Scruffty's Big Kickoff
Finnish Vilpas Pinteessä Scruffty's Dig