Farmer Pickles (owner)


Farmer Pickles, Bob the Builder and the gang

Scruffty is Farmer Pickles' dog. He has been known to cause quite a bit of mischief, but can also be really helpful around the farm. He's voiced by Rob Rackstraw in the British version and by William Dufris and Chris Evans in the American version.


Season 4 - Roley's Animal Rescue (debut), Spud Lends A Hand (cameo), Farmer Pickles' Pigpen, Scruffty The Detective and Watercolour Wendy

Season 5 - Scruffty's Big Dig, Cock-A-Doodle Spud, Skateboard Spud, Pilchard Steals the Show, Bob and the Big Freeze and Eskimo Bob

Season 6 - Bob's Metal Detector, Roley to the Rescue and Spud the Musketeer

Season 7 - Trix and the Otters, Bob and the Badgers, Dizzy Goes Camping and Dizzy the Sheepdog

Season 8 - Bob the Photographer, Wendy's Big Night Out and Scruffty On Guard

Season 9 - Bob the Farmer and Travis' Busy Day

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