Scratch's Friends is a short where Scratch meets his friends and tells the viewers about them. It only appears on the Adventures By the Sea DVD.


Scratch comes out of his door and says hello to us. Then he says he will show us all of his friends. First, he goes to Scoop's Garage door then Scoop comes out of his door and sayshello. Scratch describes Scoop. The both are now in the yard. Scoop shows Scratch his digging. They both say Scoop's Catchphrase, No prob, Bob. Then at the end, Scoop winks at the viewers.


Scratch says hello again and goes to Muck's Garage. Muck comes out and says hello and says she loves getting Muddy, so the two say Muck's catchphrase Let's get muddy. Then Muck finds a mud puddle and has mud on herself and says bye.


Scratch describes how everyone's garage door goes up and down except for one. That is Lofty. He comes out of his doors and says hello. Then Scratch says that Lofty is too big to have a garage door. Then Lofty just shows his crane.


Scratch makes himself feel Dizzy then says that one oerson on Bob's team has a drum. Then Dizzy comes out of her door and says hello. Then Scratch explains what his sister does. But Scratch messes up the concrete but says sorry. Then while they wait they both sing. Then the concrete has gone hard. And that is how Dizzy is important on Bob's team.


Scratch goes to Roley's door and he comes out. And Roley says hello. Scratch loves it when Roley says Rock N Roll so they both say it togethet. Then Roley takes Scratch to find his animal friends. At the end, Scratch sasys goodbye.

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