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Scoop the Teacher is the sixth episode of the twelfth season.


The team are all ready to set up Mr. Sabatini’s bakery opposite the windmill so it’s close to the flour. Bob promises a surprise when they get there, and who should roll out from behind a bush but Benny!


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  • Hedgehogs


  • Sunflower Valley
  • Bob's Yard (Sunflower Valley)
  • The River Bridge
  • Mr. Sabatini's Sunflower Bakery (debut)
  • Bob's Mobile Home (beginning zoomshot)
  • The Machine's Sunflower Valley Shelter (Original Version) (beginning zoomshot)
  • Spud's Straw House (beginning zoomshot)
  • Farmer Pickles Sunflower Barn (beginning zoomshot)
  • The Bentley's Home (Sunflower Valley) (beginning zoomshot)

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Hungarian Márkus a tanító Scoop the Teacher
Russian Учитель Скуп Teacher Community