Scoop the Artist is the third episode of Bob the Builder: Ready, Steady, Build!.


Scoop meets a famous artist and tries to become one himself.



  • This is the first episode to envolve visual effects, a glare of light appearing as the artist walks down the step in slow -motion.
  • Mr. Mockney mistakenly refers to Scoop as Scoot.
  • This episode was paired with Roley's Rovers when it first premiered in the US.


  • Scoop: Wow! That's one of David Mockney's paintings!
  • Dizzy: Brilliant! Isn't it?
  • Scoop: And look at that! He runs this museum, and knows all about the old things inside it.
  • Dizzy: He made the sculpture, too.
  • Scoop: Imagine being good at all those things. All I can do is dig.
  • Dizzy: (trying to cheer Scoop up) David Mockney is brilliant at lots of things, Scoop. But I bet he's not brilliant at digging. (laughs softly)
  • Scoop: Yeah, maybe.
  • Scoop: I'm going to be a great artist! Just like Mr. Mockney!
  • Dizzy: But, Scoop, you're a brilliant digger. Why do you need to be an artist, too?
  • Scoop: Well, maybe I don't want to be ( a little note of discontent crept in his heart and voice) just a digger!

(Machines gasp with shock!) (They cannot believe their ears and what Scoop just said!!)

  • Muck: But, Scoop, you LOVE being a digger!
  • Scoop: Yeah? But it doesn't mean I can't be good at something else, too!!

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Czech Umělec Béďa Scoop the Artist
Hebrew סקופ האמן Scoop the Artist
Finnish Kaivuri Haluaa Olla Taiteilija Scoop Wants To Be a Artist