Scoop Knows It All
Series Project Build It S2, Episode 12
Sumsy, scoop, wendy, and lofty
Air Date June 24, 2005 (UK)
Previous Bob's Three Jobs
Next Dizzy's Sleepover

Scoop Knows It All is the twelfth and finale episode of the second season of Project Build It.


A new forklift truck joins the team, and Scoop shows her round the valley.


  • This episode marks the debut of Sumsy.



In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Hungarian Márkus mindent tud Scoop Knows Everything
Italian Scoop guida turistica Scoop's Tour Guide
Polish Koparka wie wszystko Excavator Knows Everything
Russian Скуп все знает Scoop Knows Everything


Watch Episode

Bob the Builder Project Build It - Scoop Knows It All09:40

Bob the Builder Project Build It - Scoop Knows It All

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