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Scoop Knows It All is the twelfth and finale episode of the eleventh season.


Farmer Pickles declares that his Sunflower Oil business is about to open, but he needs Bob to build a depot to store all the bottles of oil. Sumsy the fork-lift will help shift the oil bottles. But Sumsy worries that she doesn’t have enough time to move the old crates and get the bottles labelled up before the depot is ready, but Scoop assures her she can. With Sums showing Scoop how to move crates too, they manage to finish the jobs before the depot is ready.





In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Hungarian Márkus mindent tud Scoop Knows Everything
Italian Scoop guida turistica Scoop's Tour Guide
Polish Koparka wie wszystko Excavator Knows Everything
Russian Скуп все знает Scoop Knows Everything