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Scoop's Stegosaurus is the second episode of the fourth season.


Bob and Scoop discover some old bones in a ditch at farmer Pickles' field. while Bob is out at the museum, Spud persuades Scoop to see some bigger bones that he found. Mr. Ellis thinks that a stegosaurus skeleton was found, but some of its bones are missing.


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United Kingdom & Australia

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In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Polish Koparka i Stegozaur Excavator and Stegosaurus
Russian Стегозавр Скупа Scoop's Stegosaurus
Japanese スクープ ステゴザウルスのほねをはっけん! Discover the Bones of Scoop's Stegosaurus!
German Baggis toller Fund Scoop's Great Find
Romanian Stegozaurul lui Scup Scoop's Stegosaurus
Catalan L'estegosaure del Golut The Stegosaurus's Wolverine
Portuguese O Stegosauros do Escavão Excavation's Stegosaurus
Finnish Kaivurin Harjalisko Scoop's Stegosaurus