Scoop's Favorite Adventures
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Liz Whitaker


Rob Rackstraw
Kate Harbour
Neil Morrissey
Rupert Degas
Lorelei King


HIT Entertainment
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

Release date

January 27, 2004 (VHS)
July 27, 2004 (DVD)


36 mins

Scoop's Favorite Adventures is a US 2004 video that contains one first season episode, two third season episodes, and one seventh season episode. It was released on VHS and DVD in 2004 by HIT Entertainment. 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment released it in a double feature alongside Bob's Favorite Adventures in 2008.


2004 VHS and DVD

Scoop Saves the Day​

After a bad storm causes damage, Bob and Scoop clear the road, while Muck and Lofty give Farmer Pickles a hand. After a series of mishaps involving Pilchard, a tree, and baby ducklings. Bob and Scoop save the day by rescuing their friends in the aftermath of the storm.

Scoop's In Charge

Scoop's in charge of repairing the Mayor's garage while Bob attends an awards ceremony. But the responsibility goes to Scoop's head, and he accidentally runs over Mr. Bentley's watch. Fortunately, the Mayor is thrilled with the garage repairs and solves the problem of the broken watch.

Mr. Ellis' Art Exhibition (never before seen episode)

After demolishing an old house, Bob hopes to recycle the boards for the renovation of the museum in time for an upcoming exhibition. The boards turn up missing until Spud exchanges them for some rotten wood that Scoop is carrying - leaving everyone happy and the museum perfectly restored.

Scoop Has Some Fun

Scoop is helping Bob erect telephone poles, but they need help from the team. Unfortunately, Spud persuades Scoop to play tricks on Muck and Lofty, who are on their way to help. Scoop soon discovers that their tricks have backfired and, as a result, created more work for everyone.

2008 DVD

In "Scoop Saves the Day," Scoop digs into action after a bad storm causes damage to the roads and puts his friends in harm's way. In the next two adventures, Scoop takes on more heavy-duty challenges, including repairing the mayor's garage and helping Bob renovate an art museum. Then Scoop discovers that playing tricks can backfire...and cause more work for everyone!


  1. Scoop Saves The Day
  2. Scoop's In Charge
  3. Mr. Ellis' Art Exhibition
  4. Scoop Has Some Fun


  • On the 2004 VHS and DVD description, Bob and Wendy were going to an awards ceremony, but it was actually lunch at City Hall.
  • The episode Mr. Ellis' Art Exhibition is included but it is a Mr. Ellis episode and Scoop only plays a minor role. The episode Travis and Scoop's Race Day would have been more appropriate to include in its place.