Air Date

June 8, 2012


Scoop always wanted to do the big jobs. Unfortunately, he refuses to have help from Splasher.


Bob: Scoop! (rushing to see that Scoop had fallen into the sea) Are you alright? Scoop: I'm fine, Bob. I guess lift too much. Splasher: I'll help you, Scoop. (Splasher gently pushes Scoop back to shore.) Bob: Let Splasher help next time, Scoop. Scoop: (looks at the camera) But I don't want Splasher to do my big jobs.

Scoop fell into thesea


In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Hungarian Márkus nagy feladata Scoop's Big Task
Czech Béďova těžká práce Scoop's Hard Work
Swedish Skopis' stora jobb Scoop's Large Job
Hebrew העבודה הגדולה של סקופ Scoop's Great Work

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