Air Date

June 10, 2012


Bob and the team are in the process of moving an old ship. Roley befriends a seagull that gets very angry when the team begins to lift the old ship out of the water.The angry seagull disappears on to the ship. Spud and Scrambler's latest clue is a picture of a boat but there are several boats in the harbor. They finally get to the old ship and notice it's the Bonny Beard – Brickbeard's ship! With Lofty's help, Bob travels up to the crow's nest and realizes the angry seagull has built her nest there and wants to protect her eggs. He gently lifts the nest to reveal another red box! Spud and Scrambler are ecstatic and present the box to Bob later that evening. He's amazed to find the Golden Hammer inside and they are overjoyed to be able to hand it to Bob – the best builder ever!



In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Hungarian Guri és a sirály Roley and Seagull


  • This is the last episode to feature Bob in his classic form, as well as the last episode where he is voiced by Neil Morrissey in the UK And Marc Silk in the US.
  • This is the last episode of Ready, Steady, Build. this is also the last episode to air on Cbeebies in the UK.
  • This is Spud and Scrambler's last appearances in the series to date.

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