Dizzy: Whoa! What are we building today, Bob?

Bob: A weather station, Dizzy.

Wendy: It tells you what the weather's going to be. It's for Brad Rad.

(We now cut to the beach where Roley sees Brad Rad singing)

Brad Rad: ♪Surfing, surfing on the sea.♪

Roley: Hi, Brad... Like the song.

Brad Rad: Thanks, Roley. It's my surfing rap. I was just making it up.

Roley: Rock 'n' roll! Can i help?

Brad Rad: Of course. ♪Surfing, surfing on the sea everybody, surf with me♪

Roley: ♪Everybody catch a wave♪ ♪Everybody...♪ Um, oh... (laughs nervously) We need to work on this, Brad.

Brad Rad: I know, but I don't have time, Roley. I'm teaching a surfing lesson. And Bob's building me a weather station.

Roley: Sounds great. Oh, I really wish I could do some more rapping, though.

(Bob, Wendy, and Dizzy arrive)

Bob: Hi, Brad. We're all ready. Let's look at the plans. First, we'll dig a hole,

(Computer Beeps)

Bob: And cement in the main frame.

(Computer Beeps)

Bob: Then we'll put on all the parts that tell us what the weather's going to be like.

(Computer Beeps)

Bob: And last of all, we'll add a special radio antenna so we can find out what the weather station's saying wherever we are.

(Computer Beeps)

Brad Rad: Awesome. Once i know what the weather's gonna be, I can tell all my surfing students–– Like this... (Over loudspeaker) It's Sunny and WIndy, just right for surfing! Heh-heh.

Wendy: (chuckles) That sounds great, Brad.

(Wendy waves goodbye while we cut to Scratch digging a hole. Then, Dizzy pours cement into the hole. Then, Wendy puts in the main part as Dizzy watches.)

Dizzy: Uh, why are we building the weather station up on a hill, Bob?

Bob: So that no trees or buildings get in the way, Dizzy. Then it'll always be able to tell the weather.

Wendy: Look at all this equipment. (laughs) Oh, do you remember all those old weather rhymes, Bob?

Roley: Weather Rhymes?

Bob: Yes. Old rhymes that tell you the weather. Like, red sky at night...

Wendy: Sailor's Delight. If you see a red sky at night, it usually means the next day will be sunny, and sailors like that.

Roley: ♪Red sky at night, sailor's delight♪ (laughs) It's kind of a weather rap, isn't it?

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