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Roley's New Friend is the seventh episode of the tenth season.


Roley makes friends with a bird (not the character, Bird) and helps her find the right spot to build a nest.


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United Kingdom & Australia

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  • Sunflower Valley
    • The Machine's Sunflower Valley Shelter (Original Version)
    • The New Road
    • Bob's Mobile Home (mentioned)
    • The New Yard (mentioned)
  • Bobsville (mentioned)


  • This is the first episode in the tenth season where Bob's Mobile Home does not appear, but it is mentioned.
  • This Was the only episode To Have Muck Wearing Roley's Smiling mouth

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Hungarian Guri új barátja Roley's New Friend
Swedish Rulles nya kompis Roley's New Friend
Polish Nowy kolega Walca Roley's New College
Russian Новый друг Роли A New Friend for Roley
German Rollos neuer Freund Roley's New Friend
Finnish Rollen Uusi Ystävä Roley's New Friend