!Roley's Guide to Fixham's Furry friends is a short where Dokey talks about the animals. It only appears on the Here to Help DVD.

Pilchard (After Lofty's Helpful Day)

Roley greets us and tells us that he isn't busy so he has a special treat for us. Bob asks what it is and Roley is going to show everyone animals. He starts with Pilchard and he's been his friend for ages and he greets Pilchard to the audience and he goes over to the unfinished Kitty house but Roley tells him not to but Roley bumps into it.

Fox (After Scrambler's Stage Surprise)

Roley greets everyone and tells them that he accidently rolled over Pilchards house but Bob fixes it so Roley takes us to see the first animal and that's the fox he tells us what Foxes use to build homes until a baby fox pops out of the den. He and Roley play tag and Roley bumps into Pilchards kitty house AGAIN!!!

Seagull (After Wendy's Birthday Surprise)

Roley says he will try not to ruin Pilchard Kitty house this ttime. He then notices that everyone's here and says that he ruined pilchards house but then Bob fixes it again and Roley takes us to the cliffs but this time it's a feathery friend the Seagull flies over Roley as Roley says hello to him he tells us what it lives in then she and Roley bumb into Pilchards house.

Mice (After Scratch's Star Turn)

Bob tells Pilchard that he will fix Pilchards house again but Roley takes us to the mice but notices a ball shaped nest and says no one could live in a little ball but notices mice in there and the mice walk in a line and follows them then Roley bumbs pilchards house.


Roley tells evweryone that he bumbed Pilchards house a lot of times Bob says that he will be more Careful Roley takes us To the Squirrel he notices nuts on the ground and he sees a squirrel and goes back to the yard luckly Pilchard puts nuts on the ground as Roley slips on them Bob asks if he's ok and He says yeah at the end all the animals come and Roley says goodbye.

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