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Roley's Bird's Eye View is the thirteenth episode of the twelfth season.


An observation tower is going to be added next to the Visitor’s Centre to provide a scenic view of Sunflower Valley. The scaffolding is raised and Roley prepares a path to connect the tower to the Dome. He meets Bird along the way. Roley is upset because he is too big to ever get to the top of the tower but he would love to see a bird’s eye view of the Valley.


Source: [1]


  • Sunflower Valley
  • Bob's Yard (Sunflower Valley)
  • The Visitor's Centre
  • The Observation Tower


  • This episode marks Bird's first day in Sunflower Valley.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Hungarian Guri madártávlata Roley's Bird's-Eye
Russian Роли смотрит с высоты Roley Looking From a Height