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Roley's Animal Rescue (re-titled Roley's Sleepy Friend for American audiences) is the fourth episode of the fourth season.


Bob discovers a porcupine asleep in Farmer Pickles' cottage and Scoop takes it back to the yard, while Roley looks after it, But where Farmer Pickles arrive to see Wendy, Scruffty jumps out of Travis' trailer and he and Pilchard chase each other which makes Roley worried that it might wake the Porcupine.


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United Kingdom & Australia

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  • This is the only episode where Scruffty and Pilchard chase each other.
  • This is the first episode where Travis is seen without Spud.
  • This episode marks Scruffty's first appearance.
  • This episode was paired with Scarecrow Dizzy (Season 4) when it first premiered in the US.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Polish Walec pilnuje jeża Roller Guards Hedgehog
Russian Роли-Спасатель животных Roley-Rescuer of Animals
Japanese ローリー ハリネズミをまもる Roley the Protect Hedgehog
German Rollo der Igelretter Roley the Hedgehog Rescuers
Romanian Roley salveaza ariciul Roley Saves the Hedgehog
Portuguese O Rolão Cuida Do Ouriço Roley Takes Care of the Hedgehog