• Gender: Male (UK/US) Female (Swedish)
  • Basis: Road Roller
  • Color: Green
  • Owner: Bob
  • Voiced By:
    • Rob Rackstraw (UK; 1998-2012)
    • Maria Darling (US; 2001-2007)
    • Lorelei King (US; 2007-2012)
    • Marcel McCalla (UK; 2015-present)
    • Ian James Corlett (US; 2015-present)
    • Ernesto Lezama (Latin America)
    • Shauli Halevi (Israel, original dub)
    • Omer Rosenblum (Israel, JimJam dub)
"Rock and Roll!"
— Catchphrase

Roley is a road roller who loves to make up songs and frequently spins his eyes when he is excited. He is best friends with Bird.


Roley is a cheerful machine who can get excited and loves to "rock and roll". He's shown to be very musical and usually making up songs and singing them even at work. He spins his eyes when he's excited.


Roley bears a very close resemblance to a Zettelmeyer diesel road roller.


Bob the Builder: Original Series:

Bob the Builder: Project: Build It:

Bob the Builder: Ready, Steady, Build!:


  • In 2003, Jolly Roger (Amusement Rides LTD) made him as a kiddie ride that says 3 different phrases, including: "Rock n Roll!", "Oh! That is really cool, Bob!", and Can we fix it? Yes we can!", and plays the Bob the Builder theme tune. Also, in 2004, Jolly Roger made him as another kiddie ride, but this time with a video screen (normally there's a windscreen on the front). There are 2 push buttons on his dashboard (video option, one push button if standard). One button says "Rock n Roll!", whilst the other button says "Oh! That is really cool, Bob!".
  • Roley's movement sound effect is simply his front roller moving over the ground. This effect is heard regardless of the surface he is on.
  • Roley is male, but is female in the Swedish dub.
  • Roley is a fond of animals.
  • Like Lofty, he is voiced by female voice actresses in the US dub.
  • He Was Taller Then The Machines In Bobs Team In The Original Series


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