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Pilchard and the Field Mice is the fifth episode of the ninth season.


Wendy tells Bob that J.J. has just phoned that the wooden beam for Mr. Ellis' ceiling has arrived. Bob replies that he'll pick it up on the way to Mr. Ellis' cottage. Bob explains that he has to replace and rotten wooden beam for Mr. Ellis. Bob, Muck, Lofty, and Dizzy leave for Mr. Ellis' job and Pilchard sneaks into Muck's dumper.

At J.J.'s, Bob discovers that the beam is a different colour to Mr. Ellis' other wooden beams, but J.J. suggests they treat it with some antique wax. Lofty takes the beam and Trix goes to put the trestles into Muck's dumper and finds Pilchard. Bob now has to drop Pilchard back to the yard to Mr. Ellis' as cat's aren't allowed on building sites.

Bob stops by the yard and drops off Pilchard, but she follows them to Mr. Ellis'.

Mr. Ellis' is observing the beam and Bob explains that he has to cut the beam and make it the same colour as the other wooden beams in his ceiling.



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  • Bobsville
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In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
German Kuschel und die Feldmäuse Pilchard and the Field Mice