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Pilchard is a curious cat owned by Bob. She is considered to be part of the team, though can often be found distracted or asleep whenever she is actually needed. She is voiced by Kate Harbour.

Even though Pilchard belongs to Bob, Wendy sometimes worries about Pilchard when she's off with either Bob, the machines, or just by herself.

Pilchard's love interest is Sprat in the episode Roley the Green Cat, then becomes pregnant with three kittens.


Pilchard is generally a lazy cat. She's loved by Bob, Wendy, and the machines. Pilchard is also shown to be somewhat ungrateful as seen in "Bob's White Christmas" where she looks at a present placed in front of her then pushes it away without opening it. In season 1, Pilchard was known to be very adventurous as well as also showing up to the job sites without being noticed.


Pilchard is a light blue cat with dark blue striped markings along her back and tail. She has two long black whiskers on each cheek and tiny black eyes. Her nose is the same colour as her fur/skin.


  • Pilchard's name is a term for Sardines, a type of fish fish one can find packed in tin cans.
  • Pilchard is female in both English dubs, but is male in some foreign language dubs.
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