Czech Republic

In Czech Republic, the series is called "Bořek Stavitel"

Character Names



In Hungary, the series is called "Bob a Mester"

Character Names


  • Credit to Seasons 1 and 2 for the Original Series.
  • Credit to Seasons 17 and 18 from Ready, Steady, Build!


In Russia, the series is called "Боб-строитель"


  • Credit to Seasons 1-9 for the Original Series.
  • Credit to Seasons 10-15 for Project: Build It!


In Poland, the series is called Bob Budowniczy

Character Names

  • Bob - Bob
  • Wendy - Marta
  • Scoop - Koparka
  • Muck - Spychaz
  • Dizzy - Bertonaika
  • Roley - Walec
  • Lofty - Dzwig
  • Travis - Tracktora
  • Spud - Strach
  • Farmer Pickles - Pan Ogerek
  • Mr. Bentley - Pan Kymek
  • Skip - Wytoniki
  • Trix - Worek
  • Scrambler - Skuter
  • Molly - Maja
  • Rubble - Wytoniki


In Sweden, the series is called "Byggare Bob"

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