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Muck's Surprise is the ninth episode of the ninth season.


It's the Bentley's twenty fifth wedding anniversary and to celebrate, Bob and the team build a special surprise summer house. Muck remembers Mr. Bentley's words and tells Mrs. Bentley that he/she is getting nothing. A disappointed Mrs. Bentley mopes off to buy herself something. Just when Mr. Bentley is about to cancel the unveiling party, Muck appears... but with Mrs. Bentley in his/her digging blade.


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United Kingdom & Australia

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  • Bobsville
  • Bob's Yard (Bobsville)
  • The Bentley's Home (Bobsville)


  • In the PBS Kids Sprout reruns in 2011 and on Playhouse Disney and Kluriu airings there is a flashback of Mr. and Mrs. Bentley meeting and getting married and wanting a Summerhouse.
  • After Muck stopped at the anniversary, in the UK Version Mr. Bentley says "Oh my word, Barbara!" in the US Version he says "Good heavens, Barbara!"
  • This episode was paired with Speedy Skip (Season 7) and Scoop the Disco Digger (Season 9) when it first premiered in the US.
  • This episode marks Roley's first major speaking role since Mr. Bentley's Winter Fair (Season 9).

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
German Buddel ist schlau Muck is Smart