Muck's Sleep-Over
Series 03, Episode 12
Air Date March 24th, 2000 (UK)
Previous Spud And Squawk
Next Trailer Travis/Travis' Trailer

Muck's Sleep-Over is the twelfth episode of the third season.


Bob's gang is working on a tunnel overnight. Muck stays at the farm with Travis, but he/she gets scared of the dark and the scary noises Spud is making and goes missing. When investigating the sound of an owl, Pilchard also goes missing and the same thing happens with Spud. The machines need to find Muck, Pilchard and Spud before they get lost.



  • First appearance of the lesser spotted barn owl.
  • This is Muck's first sleep-over.
  • Muck passes by Pilchard in the same way as he/she did in Muck Gets Stuck.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Polish Spychacz nocuje poza domem Bulldozer Spending the Night Away from Home
Russian Мак ночует на ферме Muck Spends the Night on the Farm
Japanese マックのおとまり Staying Muck
German Buddel schläft bei Rumpel Muck Sleeps with Travis
Czech Max spí na statku Muck Sleeps on the Farm
Portuguese O Lagartas Dorme Fora de Casa The Caterpillars Sleeps Outside House

Watch Episode

Bob The Builder Season 3 Episode 1210:06

Bob The Builder Season 3 Episode 12

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