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Muck's Mud Hut is the thirteenth episode of the tenth season.


The team build a home for Marjorie, but Muck's decision to create a mud hut ends in disaster.


United Kingdom & Australia

North America


  • Sunflower Valley
    • Muck's Mud Hut
    • Spud's Straw Home
    • Marjorie's Sunflower Valley Home (debut)
    • The River Bank


  • This was the last episode to be featured on the Let's Scram! release.
  • This is the second time two machines and Spud had a mud fight only this time Benny is present rather than Dizzy like in Mucky Muck (Season 3).

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Hungarian Muki sárkunyhója Muck's Mud Hut
Polish Domek z błota Cottage with Mud
Russian Домик из грязи для Мака House of Dirt for Muck
Korean 우람이의 집 짓기 Build the House of the Worm
German Buddels Lehmhütte Muck's Mud Hut
Finnish Puskun Savimaja Muck's Mud Hut