Muck's Monster
Series 05, Episode 06
Air Date February 10th, 2001 (UK)
Previous Skateboard Spud
Next Spud the Dragon

Muck's Monster is the sixth episode of the fifth season.


Muck, and Dizzy are clearing a blocked drain while Bob takes a nap. Muck gets spooked by gurgling noises and Dizzy convinced him/her it is a monster. The blockage has to be cleared before things with the drain go literal.



  • The rear end of Travis' trailer makes a brief appearance but not Travis himself.
  • In the restored version of this episode, Wendy clears a blocked drain and Bob fixes a broken pipe at the same site, but their ear protectors get mixed up.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Lofty has his hook, but later for the rest of the episode, Lofty has his grabber attached.

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In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Polish Spychacz i wodnik Bulldozer and Aquarius
Russian Мак и чудовище Muck and the Beast
Dutch Het putjesmonster The Well Sample
German Buddel und das Gully-Monster Muck and the Gully Monster
Romanian Muck și monstrul Muck and Monster
Czech Max a příšera Muck and the Monster

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